Hello lovelies, today I am going to share my kitchen lifesaver for healthy cooking. Of course, we all know cooking three meals a day isn’t facile but I bet it can be achieved with minimal effort and Voila!!! healthy meal on the table. Is that a dream?
Well, let me elaborate more..cooking for a toddler with a toddler ,dealing with a picky eater is a great deal of endurance.I hear you Moms & caretakers.In our home we have been trying to cultivate healthy eating since long but with time crunch it has been tough . So here is the magic gadget that would create healthy potions for the family in trice . Click hereINSTANT POTit is.
Let me explain..this is a labor saving device .It can steam, roast, boil( anything) ,slow cook ,make fresh yogurt, soup, rice ,cook meat and possibilities are endless. No creativity required .And yes for all those busy Moms & Dads I hear you..forgot to mention no soaking required delay timer meal will be waiting for you on the table.
You’ll surely be thankful for this gizmo on thanksgiving!

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